[Advaita-l] True or False

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 7 09:00:21 CST 2010

> viSesha is sat - False.
> *does isvara know the existence of viSesha?*
> jIva, jagat and ISvara are sat - Neither True nor False.
> *Isvara has the same level of reality as jagat? *
> **
> *Sri Devanathan, you have Sri Subrahmanian and Sri Vidyasankar saying that
> Isvara has a level of reality lower than Brahman or worse a level of reality
> same as jagat. Even opponents dont attribute such positions to Sankara. I am
> keen to hear what you think is the true representation of Sankara sampradaya
> according to traditional scholars. After you write, it will be clear if you
> are Sri Devanathan or Sri Simhanathan! *
> **

You seem intent on misunderstanding. I will reiterate. "As brahman", 
ISvara is sat. "As brahman", jIva is sat. "As brahman", sarvam sat.
Please find out where the "level of reality lower than brahman" is
said by anybody.

Your statement, "even opponents dont attribute such positions to
Sankara" presumes you know what are the true positions of Sankara,
or at least you know what it is that opponents attribute to Sankara.
Kindly enlighten the list on either or both.

It is time to move to serious philosophical discussion and get out
of your non-sequiturs that other list members have noticed. If you
are only interested in the latter, I won't waste my time responding
to you any more.


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