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Hare Krishna

I dont know whether I am qualified to participate in this 
discussion..b'coz. stalwarts of advaita (really I mean this, kindly dont 
read sarcasm in this comment) have already engaged themselves in this 
discussion and spending their valuable time.  But let me tell you, IMO, 
you are simply having a fun time with us with some 'hidden agenda'..Single 
liners, non-representational answers from your desk giving me such an 
impression.  I think it is better for you to let us know 'which' type of 
answer from advaitins would satisfy you...So that, scholars in this list 
would articulate their answers accordingly.  Anyway, here is my not so 
scholarly 2 naya paisa worth answers to your latest observations : 

Half truth. What about abheda bhakti where a jnani identifies Himself with
His Lord but knows the visEshas also? 

>  that is called krama mukti, that can be realized in hiraNya garbha 
lOka..but strictly speaking as per advaita vedAnta it is NOT absolute 
non-dual realization of the jnAni. 

The disciple in Vivekachudamani says "I am Vishnu", "I was Manu" etc. 
after realization. 

>  Not only in viveka chudAmani, you will find the same in bruhadAraNyaka 
& vedAnta sUtra as well. 

I dont know if Sankara wrote Vivekachudamani but concede that it is 
written by one who was in the

>  since Rishi vAmadeva's assertion is available in shruti itself, 
authorship of the VC is hardly an issue here.

viSesha is sat - False.

>  I dont know why Sri vidya prabhuji said like this and in which context 
...when we consider the kArya kAraNa anayatva there is no vishesha as such 
apart from THAT sAmAnya...bramaivedaM purastAt brahmaivedam vishvaM says 
mundaka. sa cha bAhyalOkO nAstyasmAkaM AtmavyatiriktaH, sarvaM hi asmAkaM 
Atmabhutameva sarvasya cha vayaM Atma bhUtaH..So, viSesha is also nothing 
but that SAT when we perceive this vishesha as Atma ananya. 

*does isvara know the existence of viSesha?*

>  Ishwara itself is upAdhi vishesha...

*Isvara has the same level of reality as jagat?  *

>  As long as you believe in separate existence of jagat, for that jagat 
there must be a creator..so creator and his creation both are at the same 
level of reality & both are equally valid. 

*Sri Devanathan, you have Sri Subrahmanian and Sri Vidyasankar saying that
Isvara has a level of reality lower than Brahman or worse a level of 
same as jagat. 

>  You can include the name of shankara bhagavatpAda also in the above 
list...coz. shankara too in a certain context categorically says Ishwara, 
his ompotence, omnipresence, omniscience etc. are valid ONLY in 
avidyAkruta vyavahAra.

Even opponents dont attribute such positions to Sankara. 

>  but shankara himself saying this..

I am keen to hear what you think is the true representation of Sankara 
according to traditional scholars. After you write, it will be clear if 
are Sri Devanathan or Sri Simhanathan! *

>  this is where I find your 'fun' time with advaitins...You are really 
very lucky, despite all these meaningless ramblings,  you are getting the 
kind attention of some very important prabhuji-s of this list :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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