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> >   - I need a help on the answers to the
> following query
> >   - I need to know what is the best
> punniyam in this world and similarly
> >   what is the worst paapam in this
> world
In Bhagavatam -there is discussion or I should say instructions by Yama to his deputies - whom they should go after first and from whom they should be far away. 
If I remember - the worst papam is being ungrateful to the help one receives. It is only man who is most ungrateful of all beings. Even the dog faithfully serves his/her master. The top in the list of ungratefulness is not to thank the Lord who has given everything freely what are needed. The second in the list is being ungrateful to mother and father who gave birth and took care of us when we are in the helpless state. 
The next in the list of paapam is being disrespectful to bhaagavataas - the devotees of the Lord. 
Punyam is serving the Bhaagavataars - hence Shankara says- sat sanghatve nissangatvam ... sloka. 
Serving the Lord is easy- but serving the servent of the Lord is more difficult. King Kulashekhara says in Mukundamaala- tat bRitya bRitya paricaaraka bRitya bRityasya maam .. I am servent of the servent of the servent.. of you, the Lord. 
Offering your own ego as sacrifice at the alter of your Ista devata is the real ashvamedha yagna -Saranaagati. That is the highest punyam also. 

Just some thoughts.
Hari Om!

> >   - I have read somewhere in Deivathin
> Kural that best punniyam in this
> >   world is Aswa Medha Yaagam(AMY).. and
> nowadays it is not feasible to do
> > the
> >   AMY .. and the alternative or
> equivalent to AMY is the Anaadhai Pretha
> >   Samskara
> >   - Is my understanding correct?
> >   - Next is the what is the worst
> paapam in this world.. Worst paapam is
> >   one where there is no pariharam is
> prescribed

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