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All the acts prescribed (as to be performed) and all the acts prohibited (as
to be refrained from) are ultimately aimed at bringing chitta shuddhi to the
jiva.  That is the greatest puNya if it finally results in creating the
conditions for this jiva to walk the path of spiritual sadhana and reach the
goal.  That is the greatest pApa if it hinders one in the path of spiritual
sadhana and creates obstacles to his reaching the goal.  There is a saying:
puNyamapi pApameva mumukShu-dRShTyA.   Even puNya is actually only pApa from
the considered vewpoint of a mumukShu.


On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 10:04 AM, K SANKARASUBRAMANIAN
<emailkss at gmail.com>wrote:

> Dear All
>   - I need a help on the answers to the following query
>   - I need to know what is the best punniyam in this world and similarly
>   what is the worst paapam in this world
>   - I have read somewhere in Deivathin Kural that best punniyam in this
>   world is Aswa Medha Yaagam(AMY).. and nowadays it is not feasible to do
> the
>   AMY .. and the alternative or equivalent to AMY is the Anaadhai Pretha
>   Samskara
>   - Is my understanding correct?
>   - Next is the what is the worst paapam in this world.. Worst paapam is
>   one where there is no pariharam is prescribed
> Pl share your views
> Thanks
> KSS/10.12.2010
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