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Hari OM~

Sri Bhaskar ji,


My apologies for the delayed response.

Let me ask you something,

“yUyaM vayaM vayaM yUyaM ityAsInmatirAvayoH |

kiM jAtamadhunA yena yUyaM yUyaM vayaM vayaM ||”

At first, yourself and ours had no difference in our positions; but what has
happened now ? by which you are you different from ours. !!

I remember, we both agreed to the position of difference between Maya and
Avidya. The parA mAyA is Isvara’s svarUpa sakti which is ‘vishiSTa’. I
wonder why you derail from your own position now! To clarify apratIkAlambanA
– Every upAsana has its pratIka and apratIka aspects in it. The shoDashakala
upAsana, for example, has the sAkAra – pratIkopAsana and nirAkAra
apratIka-Alambana. This is like the upAyapratyaya and bhavapratyaya vRtti-s
of the asaMprajnata samAdhi state as elucidated by vyAsa.  The
apratIka-Alambana vRtti is also called the abhAva pratyaya Alabana vRtti,
which actually indicated the mahA-nidrA sthiti which is state of
nirAkAra-Isvara in the prAjna-turIya not the turIya (not the turiya-turIya).
Some may call it turiya itself. The difference between the turIya and the
turIyAtIta state of Isvara is the presence of ‘anubhUta-viSaya saMpramoSa
smRti’. The anubhUta viSaya saMpramoSa smRti is often equated to the IkSaNa
shakti. The IkSaNa shakti in its vyakta or avyakta state makes the subtle
differenceless difference. The concept of upAsana is very complex and needs
proper understanding.

I actually don’t have to answer your question at all; for I know you know
what my answer would be. You know better Advaita than I do. Secondly, I
don’t want to toggle Isvara between the pAramArtika and the vyAvahArika
standpoints. Isvara is vilakSaNa. Isvara is turIya as BhagavatpAda himself

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