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Thu Dec 16 00:04:31 CST 2010

praNAms Sri Devanathan prabhuji
Hare Krishna

I remember, we both agreed to the position of difference between Maya and

>  Yes prabhuji still I do, as against to the traditional (??) position !!

The parA mAyA is Isvara’s svarUpa sakti which is ‘vishiSTa’. 

>  Yes, this vishiSTa cannot be a pAramArthika satya coz. IMO, absolute 
brahman (parabrahman) is nirguNa & nirvishesha.

I wonder why you derail from your own position now! 

> I dont know prabhuji where I've changed my position.  My only doubt on 
your observation is this : can kArya brahmaN, sOpAdhika brahman or upAdhi 
vishesha Ishwara be a paramArthika satya??  As I understand your answer to 
this question is yes, but shankara says Ishwara is kevala vyAvahArika 
satya coz. his upAdhi vishesha is kevala 'avidyAkruta'.

The concept of upAsana is very complex and needs proper understanding.

>  Yes, I do agree but the reason for my quotation is that in that 
adhikaraNa bhAshya shankara quite explicitly says that nirguNa, 
niravayava, nirvishesha parabrahman itself coined as sOpAdhika brahman for 
the benifit of aspirants who want to do meditation.

I don’t want to toggle Isvara between the pAramArtika and the vyAvahArika
standpoints. Isvara is vilakSaNa. Isvara is turIya as BhagavatpAda himself

> I quote with regard to Ishwara's (Ishwara here I mean creator, 
sOpAdhika, kArya brahma with upAdhi vishesha-s, but I know shankara uses 
Ishwara & parabrahma alternatively) pAramArthika satyatva from shankara 
bhAshya would be highly appreciated prabhuji.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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