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praNAms Sri syAm prabhuji & Sri Venkatesha prabhuji
Hare Krishna

On Sri Krishna's 'kula': Being son of Devaki and Vasudeva, would there be 
doubt that He was kshatriya? Could He who upheld varNaaSrama dharma in the
Geeta become one of some other caste by being brought up as a gOpaala? 
mathuraadheeSa and dwaarakaadheeSa, could be a SUdra? And by the way nanda
himself was kshatriya as per your own admission ("yaadava kula

>  prabhuji, you might be aware that this thread is discussing about 
'food' not 'kula' of krishna..Since it has also been said that kshatriya-s 
have to eat meat to get 'bAhu bala'...it is in this context I said Krishna 
either SUdra (by his vrutti) or kshatriya (by birth) would have eaten 
non-veg.  And please note this is as per someone's observation, this also 
I've mentioned in my previous mail..And,  BTW, SUdra jAti is not a neecha 
jAti as you are implying above, after all these SUdra-s have the 
origination from the foot of that virAt purusha (padbhyAgum SUdro ajAyata 
says purusha sUkta)and nobody wants to have this virAt purusha without 
pAda, it is as important as mukha (brAhmaNa), bAhu (kshatriya) & Uru 
(vaishya) :-))

And then, mentioning that being a "rasika SikhaamaNi" he "must have 
non-veg menu *only*..." is nothing but blasphemy. 

> why?? why do you think so??  rasika shikhAmaNi / chUdAmaNi is one of the 
name in Krishna sahasranAma...and thyAgarAja in one of his kruti-s praises 
Lord bhagavAn as rasika shikhAmaNi and there is famous 'tillaan' song in 
carnatic music which praises 'mAdhava' in this way!!..This title depicts 
one of the 'leela-s' of Sri krishna paramAtma.  And 'he must have enjoyed 
non-veg menu' is on the lighter note only, have you not seen the smile 
sign at the end?? By saying that I did not mean that Lord was the regular 
customer of 'Hindu military or Naidu Hotel' :-)) If you think these are 
all blaphemenous remarks on Lord krishna, so be it prabhuji, atleast from 
these remarks I could able to get his attention & sudarshana chakra for 
'shiraschedana', I am happy to give my head. 

I am really unable to grasp that you being in this advaita forum, could 
understand only this much
about raasaleela! I hope you really didn't believe and mean what you 
mentioned. Weather or not Sri Krishna took non-veg is much less important 
than what your words express about His leela.

>  Not only advaitins even dvaitins/vaishNava-s have the better 
understanding of this leela of the lord...

On this parva dina, please go through madhuraashTakam, gOvindaashTakam 
to understand the meaning of raasaleela.

>  dashama skanda of bhAgavataM is a better source to understand 
bhagavAn's rAsaleela & the esoteric meaning behind it.  And even literal 
interpretation of this leela also does not do any harm to his status 
prabhuji, do you think managing gOpikAstree-s and maintaining & satisfying 
16,000 and odd wives such an easy task:-))??  Only gOpilOla with 
extra-ordinary power could accomplish this task with clinical precision 

Do you know what the peacock feather on His head symbolizes?

>  I have heard/read lot about symbolic explanations on krishna's body 
colour (blue black etc.), his flute, its holes, his peculiar posture 
(tribhangi), his stamping on kALi etc. 

Do you know who was called by maharshi-s as "nityOpavaasi" and "sadaa

> have you read bhAgavataM especially those chapters which deal in final 
stages of KrishNAvatAra?? He is navaneeta chOra & bahupatneevratastha... 
these are  as truth as he is nityOpavAsi & nitya brahmachAri :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

PS : Sri Venkatesha prabhuji, I hope my above explanation would suffice to 
clarify my stand on your queries also.

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