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Dear Sri Bhaskar,

Problem is with your understanding of what is meant by "raasa-leela" and
what is the "rasikata" of the Lord alluded to in His sobriquets
rasika-sikhaamaNi etc.

More later.

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 12:25 PM, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:

> praNAms Sri syAm prabhuji & Sri Venkatesha prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> On Sri Krishna's 'kula': Being son of Devaki and Vasudeva, would there be
> a
> doubt that He was kshatriya? Could He who upheld varNaaSrama dharma in the
> Geeta become one of some other caste by being brought up as a gOpaala?
> Being
> mathuraadheeSa and dwaarakaadheeSa, could be a SUdra? And by the way nanda
> himself was kshatriya as per your own admission ("yaadava kula
> vamSOdhbava...")
> >  prabhuji, you might be aware that this thread is discussing about
> 'food' not 'kula' of krishna..Since it has also been said that kshatriya-s
> have to eat meat to get 'bAhu bala'...it is in this context I said Krishna
> either SUdra (by his vrutti) or kshatriya (by birth) would have eaten
> non-veg.  And please note this is as per someone's observation, this also
> I've mentioned in my previous mail..And,  BTW, SUdra jAti is not a neecha
> jAti as you are implying above, after all these SUdra-s have the
> origination from the foot of that virAt purusha (padbhyAgum SUdro ajAyata
> says purusha sUkta)and nobody wants to have this virAt purusha without
> pAda, it is as important as mukha (brAhmaNa), bAhu (kshatriya) & Uru
> (vaishya) :-))
> And then, mentioning that being a "rasika SikhaamaNi" he "must have
> enjoyed
> non-veg menu *only*..." is nothing but blasphemy.
> > why?? why do you think so??  rasika shikhAmaNi / chUdAmaNi is one of the
> name in Krishna sahasranAma...and thyAgarAja in one of his kruti-s praises
> Lord bhagavAn as rasika shikhAmaNi and there is famous 'tillaan' song in
> carnatic music which praises 'mAdhava' in this way!!..This title depicts
> one of the 'leela-s' of Sri krishna paramAtma.  And 'he must have enjoyed
> non-veg menu' is on the lighter note only, have you not seen the smile
> sign at the end?? By saying that I did not mean that Lord was the regular
> customer of 'Hindu military or Naidu Hotel' :-)) If you think these are
> all blaphemenous remarks on Lord krishna, so be it prabhuji, atleast from
> these remarks I could able to get his attention & sudarshana chakra for
> 'shiraschedana', I am happy to give my head.
> I am really unable to grasp that you being in this advaita forum, could
> understand only this much
> about raasaleela! I hope you really didn't believe and mean what you
> mentioned. Weather or not Sri Krishna took non-veg is much less important
> than what your words express about His leela.
> >  Not only advaitins even dvaitins/vaishNava-s have the better
> understanding of this leela of the lord...
> On this parva dina, please go through madhuraashTakam, gOvindaashTakam
> etc.
> to understand the meaning of raasaleela.
> >  dashama skanda of bhAgavataM is a better source to understand
> bhagavAn's rAsaleela & the esoteric meaning behind it.  And even literal
> interpretation of this leela also does not do any harm to his status
> prabhuji, do you think managing gOpikAstree-s and maintaining & satisfying
> 16,000 and odd wives such an easy task:-))??  Only gOpilOla with
> extra-ordinary power could accomplish this task with clinical precision
> :-))
> Do you know what the peacock feather on His head symbolizes?
> >  I have heard/read lot about symbolic explanations on krishna's body
> colour (blue black etc.), his flute, its holes, his peculiar posture
> (tribhangi), his stamping on kALi etc.
> Do you know who was called by maharshi-s as "nityOpavaasi" and "sadaa
> brahmachaari?"
> > have you read bhAgavataM especially those chapters which deal in final
> stages of KrishNAvatAra?? He is navaneeta chOra & bahupatneevratastha...
> these are  as truth as he is nityOpavAsi & nitya brahmachAri :-))
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
> PS : Sri Venkatesha prabhuji, I hope my above explanation would suffice to
> clarify my stand on your queries also.
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नगुरोरधिकं नगुरोरधिकं नगुरोरधिकं नगुरोरधिकम्।
शिवशासनतश्शिवशासनतः शिवशासनतश्शिवशासनतः ।।

- श्यामसुन्दरः

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