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> "ahimsa milk" is a myth in this day and age. A Cow is impregnated solely
> producing milk for human consumption and is fed all kinds of stuff to make
> milk production higher and higer like a machine. It happens in India as
> as the rest of the world.
*I agree. Going vegan is the only option if we dont get milk from
goshalas. I am keen to have goashalas to produce ahimsa milk because gopuja
is integral to Vedic culture. If we cannot, going vegan is the most noble

In this connection, see the following article by Sri Satish Karandikar,
a resident of New Jersey, USA.

*very nice article. *
*I will check this out. Please send me any scriptural refereces on cow
protection and worship. I have to compile a draft by  4-Jan. We plan to
reach out to favourable organizations in the UK to convince them to use only
ahimsa milk. My friend is negotiating with a mechanized farm to make it
ahimsa farm. We need to cover the cost overhead.*
In a general sense, however, I would caution against blanket condemnation
of all such ventures as described above. The domestication of the cow was
historically meant only to serve human purposes, but in the contemporary,
highly industrialized society that we live in, we have moved away from
all standards of humane treatment of cattle. If you live in a city and are
buying milk from a supermarket, yes, you are contributing to the cycle of
himsA. But there are quite a few projects around the world, which have
been designed to be sanctuaries for cows and other domesticated animals.
You could always make a conscious decision only to use milk obtained with
the least amount of himsA.
*Yes. We need to help these projects in a concerted and people behind that.
My family sastrigal protects 50 cows! It is not easy.*


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Subject: [Advaita-l] Advaitic Foods - kricchra, sin
>Thanks for giving the details of the various kRcchra-s.  On the whole it
>appears that a kRcchra is a generic name for 'anashanam' or denying food to
>oneself or fasting and there are several types in this.  Since
>is also a method of fasting for penance / praayashchittam purpose, could it
>be said that this is also a type of kRcchra?

Dear Subrahmanian ji,

The Manu Smriti describes the chAndrAyaNa and its variations in verses
11.216-220, and a chAndrAyaNa could be said to be a kR^icchra only in the
general sense of the term kR^icchra as something that is a trouble or
painful. It is usually an atonement for a sin.

I am not aware of the source of the siddhAnta-lesha-saMgraha verse, but it
is used to assert that there is an "adR^iShTa" phala also  of vedAnta
shravaNa. Appayya dIkShita cites the opinion of some advaitins that such
vedAnta shravaNa helps in "amuShmika-vidyA".


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