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Namaste Sadanandaji,

Can we say that the compound word "Ishaavaasyopanishad" as indicating the "Upanishad related to Ishaavaasa (Isha + aavaasa or Ishasya aavaasa ie where Isha resides), which means the Upanishad tells us that Isha is Vyaapakam in all these, ie., Isha has no separate existence  from the creation or Isha is not separate from this world?


Sunil KB

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PraNAms to all
After arriving in India I went to attend inauguration of Chinmaya Surya mission and Temple in Ponducheri, TN and I was also blessed with the discourses by Swami Tejomayanandaji on IshvAsyaopanishad and Gita Ch. 7. Swamiji made a unique presentation, particularly of sloka 1 and 2. I could not but share that knowledge in the form that I know and these series are being posted in the advaita-academy.org for those who are interested. The reference is given below.
Hari Om!


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