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> Dear Sadanandaji,
> PraNaams.
> Quote: "Falsification is complete only when the underlying truth behind
> both
> knower and the known is recognized."
> Logically correct but practically never feasible for only one exists in
> time
> (or out of it) - not both!
> You need *TWO* to say that one is real and the other is false.  The
> intellect will never apprehend the Reality, can it?
> shree Anbuji - PraNAms

What was discussed in the original post and the pervious ones as well is
exactly what you have stated. I request the post be read again, perhaps
again by those who are really want to know.

Mind (intellect) is needed to say that I am not the intellect. Hence the
declaration quoted earlier..manaeva.manushyaanaam ..from amRitabindu Up. The
all pervading reality need not have to realize and the inert intellect
cannot realize. Realization is re-cognition that I am the existence
consciousness that I am, currently identifying with the Intellect,
understand that I am not the intellect, but that which is substantive of
both the subject and the object vRittis or thoughts that arise in the
intellect. This has to be done with the intellect only. With the intellect
alone one can apprehend the truth. Hence the statement – tat vigijnaasasva
or  brahma jignaasaa etc, where Brahman or atman has to be inquired, with
the only available instrument - the intellect only.

Realization is to reject the superficial names and forms of the contents of
the vRitti that arise in the intellect and shifting attention to the sat and
chit that is substantive for both the subject and the object. This shift has
to be by the intellect - that is what viveka means - nitya anitya vastu
viveka - where intelligently shift ones attention for that which is
permanent and eternal substantive truth from the superficial fleeting names
and forms or attributive contents of the vRittis or thoughts.

It is like I need the mirror and looking at the image in the mirror I
recognize that I am not the image but the original because of which the
image is there. without the mirror I cannot see my face. Using the iamge in
the mirror I recognzie the orginal. Using the reflected consciousness in the
intellect I recognize that I am the original consciousness. Using what? -
The intellect only. That is what viveka means - original is eternal and
permanent while the names and forms keep changing as attributive content of
the vRittis. Intellect acts both as the mirror as well as instrument for
re-cognition for realization that I am not instrument of cognition, i.e.
intellect. This has been extensively discussed in the last and previous
posts. This is the subtlest part and that is why chitta suddhi is important
for me to detach myself from the attributive content of the vRittis to shift
my attention to the ever present substantive. I have to use the intellect to
say that I am not the intellect. This is also one of the reasons why I need
a sampradaaya teacher for Vedanta to explain this subtlety correctly.
Shraddhaa is the prerequisite. With this I remain.

Hope this helps

With praNAms to all

Hari Om!

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