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Sivaanandalahari - 88यदा कृतांभोनिधि-सेतुबन्धन:
करस्थलाध: कृत-पर्वताधिप: ।
भवानि ते लंघित-पद्मसंभव:
तदा शिवार्चा-स्तव-भावन-क्षम: ॥ ८८ ॥

yadA kRutAMBonidhi-setubandhana:
karasthalAdha: kRuta-parvatAdhipa: |
BavAni te laMghita-padmasaMBava:
tadA SivArchA-stava-BAvana-kShama: || 88 ||

Oh ShivA, I shall become proficient in your Archana, stotra and meditation
when I have built a bridge in the Ocean like Rama , press the mountain into
my palm like Agastya and when I surpass the Brahama who came into being from
the Lotus belly button of Lord Vishnu.

*hE siva* = Hey! Mangalamoorthy!
*yadhaa* = when;
*kruthaambhOnidhisethubandhana:* = (I have become one) who has built a
bridge across the ocean;
*karasthalaadha: kruthaparvathaadhipa:* = (I have become one) who has by his
palm sunk the (vindhyaa) mountain to paathaala;
*langithapathmasambhava *= like the awe inspiring Brahma who rose from the
padmam of the navel of Vishnu;
*thadhaa* = at that point;
*thE* = to you;
*archaasthavabhaavanaakshama:* = to be an expert in poojanam, sthOthram,
dhyaanam etc.;
*bhavaani* = let me become.

Hey! ParamEswara! Please do not give up on me on account that I have not
done any sevaa to you.,  Actually I have been waiting to do sevaa to you
only all along.  But I did not get that bhaagyam so far.  Even that bhaagyam
has to happen only by your grace.  Please do your arul to me for that.  When
you do that then I will be like Raaghava who built a huge and wide bridge
across the ocean and did Sivalinga Pradhishtaa and performed siva
lakshaarchana with lots of bilvadhaLams.  If I were Agasthya Maharshi who by
his little palm pushed the huge Vindhya Mountain down into paathaaLa loka to
quell its garvam in growing, I would be singing sthuthis on you.  If I were
that thapO moorthy Brahma who is capable of chanting all the four vEdhas at
the same time with his four heads then I would be doing dhyaanam of you all
the time.

I do not have any of these capabilities to do poojanam, bhajanam and
dhyaanam.  However my mind has layam only in you.  So, Hey! ParamEswara!
When am I going to do archana in your padhma dhaLam?  When am I going to
sing like the great rishis and jump in joy? When am I going to keep your
mangaLa vigraham in my heart and do the constant dhyaanam?

Aum Namasivaaya!

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