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Sivaanandalahari - 89
विधिभिर्ध्यान-समाधिभि-र्न तुष्ट: ।
धनुषा मुसलेन चाशमभि-र्वा
वद ते प्रीतिकरं तथा करोमि ॥ ८९ ॥

vidhiBirdhyAna-samAdhiBi-rna tuShTa: |
dhanuShA musalena chASamaBi-rvA
vada te prItikaraM tathA karomi || 89 ||

Oh Ruler of the world ! You are not as much pleased with Namaskarams or
salutations, prayers, pujas and deep meditation as with bows, pestle and
stones. Please tell me what pleases you most and I shall do that.


*hE easaa* = Hey! ParamEswara!
*thvam* = you;
*dhanushaa* = by bow;
*asmabhirvaa* = by stones;
*musalEna* = by pestle;
*yadhaa* = in the way you get pleased;
*thadhaa* = that way;
*nathibhi:* = by namaskaarams;
*nuthibhi:* = by sthOthraas;
*poojaavidhibhi:* = by the poojaavidhis consisting of shOdachObhachaaraas;
*dhyaana samaadhibhi: *= dhyaana samaadhis;
*na thushta:* = do not get the pleasure;
*thE* = to you;
*preethikaram *= the sEva that gives you preethi;
*vadha* = please tell;
*karOmi* = shall do.

Hey! ParamEswara! On that day when he was battling with you, Arjuna hit you
with his bow.  Another day a bhaktha hit you with the pestle. (I do not know
this story.  If any of our members can tell me the story I shall be
obliged.) And Saakya Naayanaar would shower you with pebbles everyday.  (The
story is that Saakya Naayanaar had converted to Buddhism yet his Siva
Bhakthi would not leave him.  So he would try to force hatred to Shiva on
himself by throwing rocks at the lingam that the Buddhists have put it out
on the street from the temple.  But because Saakya was inherently a bhaktha
the stone pebbles that he threw would fall on the lingam as flowers!  There
was not a day passed without he religiously throwing pebbles at the lingam.
But one day he sat for lunch and realized that he had not thrown the usual
stones at the Lingam and so immediately got up and went to the Lingam and
threw a stone.  Parameswara was so pleased that he wouldn't touch food
without doing his nithya pooja immediately appeared before him as Paarvathi
Samedha as rishabharoodar.)  You were pleased with all these apparent

Hey! ParamEswara! On the other hand I had been worshipping you by many
namaskaarams, by the sthuthis of the rishis, by the pooja done with the
greatest bhakthi and by dhyaana samaadhi, yet you are not satisfied.
Therefore please tell me what would be your favourite that would please
you.  I would do that without irking your mind.  I am ready to even lose my
life.  Therefore you have to tell me your manObhaavam out of your kindness.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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