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Dear All,

Choubey is a surname used among Kanyakubja and Sarayupuri Braahmanas to name a few.  But there is a Braahmana jaathi: Mathure Ke Choubey that Jaldhar was referring to.  There is an article in Wikipedia about them.  Purohits at Badri are Namboodiri Braahmanas.

Ravi Chandrasekhara

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> >
> > Chowbey (or more usually Chaube) is a prakritization
> of Chaturvedi and they
> > are from Mathura and surrounding parts of UP not
> Orissa.  They are typically
> > followers of Vallabhacharya
> Chaube/Chaubey is a prakritization of Chaturvedi alright
> but they are
> not necessarily from Mathura. Chaubey is a common surname
> all across
> the Gangetic plain including eastern UP and Bihar and most
> of them
> have nothing to do with Vallabhacharya.
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