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Sivaanandalahari - 92दूरीकृतानि दुरितानि दुरक्षराणि
दौर्भाग्य-दु:ख-दुरहंकृति-दुर्वचांसि ।
सारं त्वदीयचरितं नितरां पिबन्तं
गौरीश मामिह समुद्धर सत्कटाक्षै: ॥ ९२ ॥

dUrIkRutAni duritAni durakSharANi
daurBAgya-du:kha-durahaMkRuti-durvachAMsi |
sAraM tvadIyacharitaM nitarAM pibantaM
gaurISa mAmiha samuddhara satkaTAkShai: || 92 ||

Oh Umapathi, Sins, bad fate, bad luck, grief, bad ego and bad words have all
been distanced. Please uplift me now and here as I am constantly drinking
your tasty stories.


**hE Gowrisa* = Hey! GowripathE!
*dhuraksharaaNi *= written by brahma in dhurlipi;
*dhurithaani *= got by sins;
*dhourbaagyadhu: khadhurahankruthidhurvachaamsi* = dhuradhrushtam,
thaapathrayam, ahamkaaram, mamakaaram, dhurvachanam etc.
*sathkataakshi:* = by your kind kataaksham;
*dhoorikruthaani* = that are warded off;
*saaram* = that is full of rasam;
*thvadheeyacharitham *= of your history;
*nitharaam *= much;
*pibantham* = making a drinker;
*maam* = of me;
*iha* = in this janmaa itself;
*smuddhara* = raise me up.

Hey! ParamEswara! Due to the paapa karmas that I have done in the past lives
Brahma has written on my forehead those dhurlipis of sufferings.  Because of
this whatever I do it brings prathikoolam (adversity).  Because Brahma has
written in my head, not only I am a dhuradhrushtasaali but is being
aggressed by the thaapathrayaas of aadhyaathmikam, aadhibouthikam and
aadhidhaivikam.  Besides with ahamkaaram and mamakaaram I waste my life
speaking dhurvachanas.  Because of this my janma is getting vipalam.  So
ParamEswara! Do not give me up!  By your kindness you can erase the
dhurlipis of Brahma written on my head and this will enable me to constantly
do dhyaanam of your mangalaswaroopam.  Who will I go to if you give up on
me? After I have begged you so much do not lecture to me:

hariNaapi harENaapi brahmaNaapi surairapi |
lalaadalikithaa rEkha parimaarshtum na sakyathE ||

That is do not tell me that the writings of Brahmaa cannot be changed by
Hari or Haran.  This is, kEvalam, a neethi vaakyam.  Are you saying you are
bound by it?  Is there anything that you cannot do?  Therefore please do not
push me off as thuccham (nothing). Actually there is not even a least effort
needed on your part to save me.  All you have to do is to show your karuNaa
kataaksham.  By this I will become vimukthan of all the dhOshas and thereby
become a bhaagyavaan who drinks your sarithraamrutham in this very janmaa

Moreover, it should be known that the charithram of anya devathaas are mere
asaaram.  Hey! ParamEswara!  Your history alone has the capacity to give
brahmaanandham.  If one does not do sravaNam of your charitham it can only
be inferred that his janma has become vyartham.  In this sloka the words
"saaram thvadheeya charitham" should be understood as doing the vyaakyaanam
of the second slOka that begins with the words "kalanthee sambhO".

Anyone who recites this slOka in sivasannidhi and do a namaskaaram to
ParamEswara will attain the bhaagyam of doing sravaNam of His dhivya
charitham thus enabling himself to be the drinker of sivaanandha paanam.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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