[Advaita-l] Neeti sloka

BK mahapatro bkmahapatro at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 12:11:20 CST 2010

Hari Oum,
(1)Neeti slokas are very effective in conveying lot many things in a
Can any body kindly help me with a Neeti Sloka to convey the following ,
''Ordinary persons discuss 'People'; Upper/ Informed persons discuss Events
; Great persons discuss 'Ideas' "
(2)Chanakya Neeti slokas have great learning value and relevence. Are they
available with translation and comment in a book form, on the net/ web; any
ref will   help.
I realise the above may not strictly  be a part of Adwaita-vedant study. But
i believe Vedic advisory are available for all great thouts.shall be
thankfull for help.
Hari Oum

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