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Dear Mahapatro,
The best available is" *Niti Shataka" * of Raja Bhartruhari  , It gives text
in Sanskrit and meanings in English. You can actually by heart all of
them.There are 100 subhashitas in this book. You have to search for various
Another one shataka by the same King, poet and philosopher is "*Vairagya
Shataka*" which is published by Ramakrishnashram, costs only Rs. 7/- .( Even
Shringara Shataka is availble but dont recommend now).
There are many subhashita books available in Sanskrit. You have to search
for them.
Even "*Vidura Niti"* in Mahabharata, contain subhashitams like your
suggestion "Chankya Niti".
For information of members, the then queen of Mysore, Maharani
Tripurasundarammanni learnt Sanskrit( meanings and grammar and
all associted  skills) through *Niti Shataka*   from Shringeri Kavi
Narashimha, of Advaitashram, Nanjangud, near Mysore and she donated
necessary printing paper freely to publish the book in Kannada( I have got a
copy priced only Rs. 5/- , 160 pages).
Contact Chowkamba publishers,P B # 1008, Gopal Mandir lane, Golghar,
VaraNasi -221001 for more books in sanskrit.

On Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 11:41 PM, BK mahapatro <bkmahapatro at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hari Oum,
> (1)Neeti slokas are very effective in conveying lot many things in a
> nut-shell.
> Can any body kindly help me with a Neeti Sloka to convey the following ,
> ''Ordinary persons discuss 'People'; Upper/ Informed persons discuss Events
> ; Great persons discuss 'Ideas' "
> (2)Chanakya Neeti slokas have great learning value and relevence. Are they
> available with translation and comment in a book form, on the net/ web; any
> ref will   help.
> I realise the above may not strictly  be a part of Adwaita-vedant study.
> But
> i believe Vedic advisory are available for all great thouts.shall be
> thankfull for help.
> Hari Oum
> --
> BKM.
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Warm regards
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