[Advaita-l] Themyth of strict old days.

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Sorry, if I too sound argumentative.. I do not intend to..

A hunter got mukti because he happened to sit on a Bilva tree and kept
plucking the leaves and throwing it down and it 'happened' to land on the
Shivalingam below and the water he had fell on the lingam and was abhishekam
and that night 'happened' to be the night of Maha Shivaratri...

Once two ascetics were doing tapas and when they saw sage Narada they asked
him if he could find out when they would get mukti from The Lord when he
visited Vaikuntham.

The Sage came back to tell them later that one of them would get mukti in 3
janmas and the person was very depressed. He told the other person that
mukti would be granted for him in as many number of janmas as the tree below
which he was sitting for meditation. The man jumped up and down in joy and
was so ecstatic that he is *assured* of mukti and that it is just a fineite
number!!! That very moment he got mukti...

May be to get realization/mukti no qualification is actually needed, may be
to just get the 'initiation' into brahma viday needs some 'qualification'.
 After all, getting initated into the brahmavidya and realization are
definitely not one and the same...

I am not putting down any prescribed shastras or the schools of our
tradition. There is absolutely no qualification in human terms needed for
realization. To belittle or put obstructions mentally in the way of
Realization is totally wrong.

Panini was refused entry into the school and Panini cut the vidya rekha in
his palm with a knife and the teacher simply accepted by saying "if not you,
whom can I teach" ...

Criteria and qualification is there in general but nothing , NOTHING , can
replace or override tru and genuine shraddha and bhakti for The Guru and The
Lord. Realization comes by Grace , qualifications are just there...
On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 8:26 PM, Satish Arigela <satisharigela at yahoo.com>wrote:

> >In the ancient times the strict sampradaya(tradition) was followed before
> >imparting Brahmavidya.
> Sorry if I am sounding argumentative. But with the exception of the few,
> even
> now that is how brahmavidyA can be imparted. There is no other way.
> Imparting it
> to one who hasnt gone through the step by step procedure will have no
> effect..
> like sounding a conch in a deaf man's year. So in other words it cannot be
> imparted whether in ancient times or in contemporary times to the
> unqualified.
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> Pranams!
> In the ancient times the strict sampradaya(tradition) was followed before
> imparting Brahmavidya.Both the sruthis and smrtis declare that one must
> undergo the requisite qualifications of Upanayanam and the study of the
> Vedas.The common path was Brahmacharya,Gruhastha,Vanaprastha and
> sanyasa.In this one has to perform all the Karmas to qualify for the final
> release.However a few like Sukha Maharshi,Ramana,Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
> the path was straight to Sanyasa.For them it is held that they had all the
> samskaras to qualify for the sainthood.For them, Bhagawadgita says:Naiva
> tasya Kretanarthah!There is nothing for him to achieve.These questions and
> doubts have come to us because we have not gone through the
> traditional(sampradayic)study of the vedas and the sruthis and smritis.For
> a traditional Shrotriya these questions will not arise.
> Bhava Shankara Desika me Sharanam.                    N.Srikanta.
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