[Advaita-l] Themyth of strict old days.

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Tue Oct 19 11:03:05 CDT 2010

> Criteria and qualification is there in general but nothing
> , NOTHING , can
> replace or override tru and genuine shraddha and bhakti for
> The Guru and The
> Lord. Realization comes by Grace , qualifications are just
> there...

PraNAms to all:

Looks like we are zeroing on the topic. This answers the rhetorical question that Shree Vidyaji asked- Why do we go on discussing on trivialities missing the essentials. Personally, this is nothing to being an Indian or non-Indian, although the hang-ups for each are different. In essence the problem is lack of chitta suddhi required for knowledge. All other qualifications required or assumed or imposed are all to have this chitta suddhi. They do not guarantee the chitta suddhi although they help to acquire those with the grace of teacher and the Lord. We need to distinguish between those qualifications that are required vs those that are helpful in acquiring the required. Confusion arises in mixing these two, with fanaticism stepping in if there is a lack of the understanding of the essentials vs helpful ones. This explains the extensive focus on the trivialities rather than on essentials. This is not unnatural since it points out to the intrinsic human

The truth is beyond all these qualifications.
jaati neeti kula gotra duuragam
naama ruupa guNa dosha varjitam
desha kaala vishayaati vartiyat 
brahma tatvam asi bhaavayaatmani||

Says Shankara in VivekachUDAmaNi.

Hari Om!

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