[Advaita-l] Themyth of strict old days.

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Dear Satishji,

If one reads some medical books and claims to be a doctor that is another thinh but the medical colleges cannot admit one without one's acquiring the pre-requisite qualifications. So is the case here. If one attains Vairagya and through one's own efforts and shraddha /  bhakti attains jnana that is another thing but a guru cannot impart the jnana unless he is satisfied that the prospective disciple had met the requirements.



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>In the ancient times the strict sampradaya(tradition) was followed before
>imparting Brahmavidya.

Sorry if I am sounding argumentative. But with the exception of the few, even 
now that is how brahmavidyA can be imparted. There is no other way. Imparting it 
to one who hasnt gone through the step by step procedure will have no effect.. 
like sounding a conch in a deaf man's year. So in other words it cannot be 
imparted whether in ancient times or in contemporary times to the unqualified.


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In the ancient times the strict sampradaya(tradition) was followed before
imparting Brahmavidya.Both the sruthis and smrtis declare that one must
undergo the requisite qualifications of Upanayanam and the study of the
Vedas.The common path was Brahmacharya,Gruhastha,Vanaprastha and
sanyasa.In this one has to perform all the Karmas to qualify for the final
release.However a few like Sukha Maharshi,Ramana,Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
the path was straight to Sanyasa.For them it is held that they had all the
samskaras to qualify for the sainthood.For them, Bhagawadgita says:Naiva
tasya Kretanarthah!There is nothing for him to achieve.These questions and
doubts have come to us because we have not gone through the
traditional(sampradayic)study of the vedas and the sruthis and smritis.For
a traditional Shrotriya these questions will not arise.
Bhava Shankara Desika me Sharanam.                    N.Srikanta.

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