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Mon Oct 25 06:33:36 CDT 2010

If you do not have faith (the best word for that in Indian languages is
in the Vedas, then you should refer to the modern texts, what are often
to - with varying degrees of disapproval - as neo-vedanta, for proof of
advaita's validity. The purport of these texts (this is strictly second hand
knowledge, I have not even read Vivekananda, a neo-Vedantin according to
fully) is that the teaching of advaita can be established without
resorting to
the Veda. One of the most preferred methods of this school is the
avasthAtrayaparIkshA. This examines what happens when one is awake, in
sleep and deep dreamless sleep and
 logically concludes that there ought to be a
fourth state which is the sub-stratum (the base on which the other three
stand). Then further logic establishes that this fourth or turIyA state is
same as Brahman. Once the identity of Brahman and self is established, the
can only be explained as a temporary, ephemeral (impermanent, fleeting like a
bubble) phenomenon. Since that alone which exists in past, in present, and in
future is defined as real, the ephemeral world is unreal, or "an illusion".

There was a Email which said that the avasthatryapriksha which is detailed
in the Mandukya upanishad is not based on the vedas.This is wrong.The
avasthatraya pariksha is also based on the vedas.
Bhava shankara Desika me sharanam.                    N.Srikanta.

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