[Advaita-l] Personal - Advaita and Caste System

Gopi antarurjas at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 28 22:54:09 CDT 2010

I presume you are talking of the Brahmin who seeks the brahmam within and out. 
One rarely gets to see such brahmins. Even a sastrigal ( who is "brahma" of 
every homa) talks of how he missed narrowly going to the US!!

IMO, as long as all of us measure our success by money, caste system is only a 
placibo to feel good about oneself and ( hopefully not) put the other varna in a 
lower light. Lets the varnas do what they are suppose to do, then alone will the 
caste system be understood. 

Not for fun did THE purusha not create brahmins from his ooru or paadam. 



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