[Advaita-l] Personal - Advaita and Caste System

Gopi antarurjas at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 29 00:56:46 CDT 2010

Shri Suresh

The divisive nature or atleast the "holier-than-thou" is certainly man created.. 
lets not blame brahmins only for that.. 

but then each varna has had its own way of putting the other varna down.. which 
vaishya has ever fought to say that sudra is the best varna? ask a english guy 
what he thinks of scotland... 

frankly for the Purusha from whom all these varnas came, it really doesnt 

+ there are so many examples -historic and contemptory - on people of all varnas 
taking all paths to reach the brahmathva - ..... even in the hallowed world of 
srividya, most of the current texts are based on what parasurama has told( 
parasurama kalpa sutra )... who was not a brahmin... and this vidya was revealed 
to him by the Lord himself. so there has never been a disqualification of 
adhikarthva based on varna alone.. everyone can earn it. 

Now if somebody doesnt want to earn it ( or yearn for it), blaming it on 
varnashrama is only an excuse. 

Reaching brahmathva is a birth right. varnashrama probably indicates 1 of the 
paths for it. Choose yours.. and jump into the sea.. you will find quite a 
fellow swimmer... 


Suresh, Moderator - Sorry to have told shared a "common-sense"ical view here- as 
in, not quoting from any scripture, which most of the learned members do very 
well in this group.


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