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Sri gurubhyon Namaha
                                   What Sri Parashurama did was dharma rakshana, 
not indiscriminate killing. A brahmins foremost duty is to practicse dharma and 
help others follow, Brahmins follow non violence, this does not mean that if 
evil people come to destroy his practise of dharma he runs away to anothers 
refuge, he has to face it with the might he has or find out the right one who 
can protect him. Since all the kshatriyas were corrupted, he cleansed it of 

One cannot run away from his duty of dharma rakshana saying that he belongs to 
one varna

A brahmin has to uphold vedas, yagas
A kshatriya has to protect the brahmin to help him do it
A vaishya has to donate money and things for the darhama and yagas
A Shudra should  serve the others to ensure that they have all that is needed to 
perform their duties.

Sri Kamakshi 

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Praveen ji, Pranaam

Precisely the context of this whole discussion. brahmin only by birth? what 
about all the killings? to be ignored because he killed only kshatriyas?


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