[Advaita-l] Personal - Advaita and Caste System

Gopi antarurjas at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 29 04:43:06 CDT 2010

Sir with respects to you... i am not sure if this is in the scriptures about all 
kshtriyas in that period being corrupted. one of the stories say that one such 
kshatriya was dasaratha, himself.. not sure if he was also corrupted. 

again, may be it is good to go into details and then come to conclusion that 
parasurama did the "dharmically" right thing.. 

but then the context of discussion here is brahmin by birth or actions? i am 
stopping with the line of thought to say that if brahman by thots,deads,actions, 
then varna by birth is not a disqualification. One can be close to his 
varnashramic dharma and still reach brahmic state.. .( if there is 1)



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