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Sri Gurubhyon Namaha
                                      Parashurama existed long before dasharatha 
did. After the cleansing of all the kshatriyas on the earth. It was in 
subsequent generations that Dasharatha was born, when Parashurama had gone to 
atone for his sins of killing. Even though one acts according to dharma the 
karma will follow him. That is why he went down to atone for his sins by 
performing penance. 

A simple example would be a person is born in a family of industrialists, 
because of his birth he has all teh resources and mean to be a successful 
industrialist, but that does not gaurantee that he will be a good industrialist, 
he might just be one who just sits on the chair and follows what his father has 
earned, else he out of his own intelligence uses the resources of his father 
which he got because of his borth into the family and creates an empire for 
himself. A good example would be to look at Ambanis now who are just using and 
living because of their fathers wealth and Sri Ratan Tata who built a big empire 
with the resources from his father.

Similarly a person born into a brahmin family used to have all the necessary 
resources for the pursuit of brahman, and he out of his actions would either 
prove to be a true brahmin or a fallen one (I would not like to call shudra as 
even among sudhras there have been jnanis).

Sri Kamakshi

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Sir with respects to you... i am not sure if this is in the scriptures about all 

kshtriyas in that period being corrupted. one of the stories say that one such 
kshatriya was dasaratha, himself.. not sure if he was also corrupted. 

again, may be it is good to go into details and then come to conclusion that 
parasurama did the "dharmically" right thing.. 

but then the context of discussion here is brahmin by birth or actions? i am 
stopping with the line of thought to say that if brahman by thots,deads,actions, 

then varna by birth is not a disqualification. One can be close to his 
varnashramic dharma and still reach brahmic state.. .( if there is 1)


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