[Advaita-l] pUrvajas' karma / pApa & our burden (satyanArAyaNa pUjA)

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Dear List:

P.V. Kane in History of Dharmashaastrastyan comments that satyanaaraayana vrata kathA is found in Calcutta Edition of skanda puraaNa but is not in the Bombay edition., aanadaasharma.  Satyanaaraana is a common surname in Bihar and nearby region. 

In Maharashttra, Psehava were well known for keeping accounts of every penny spent for all rituals.  There is no historical evidence that satyanaaraayaNa puujaa was practiced during that period in Maharashtra.  He further concludes that the is ritual seems to have migrated from East to the South via Maharashtra.

I would appreciate if someone can provide any specific evidence of this ritual-practice in Southern India.


Dr. Yadu 

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sAshtAnga praNAms Sri Jaldhar Vyas prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Thanks for your kind clarification prabhuji.  If you could permit me I 
would share some of my thoughts here. 

Sri Vyas prabhuji :

The second time was after Chandraketu had freed them they insulted the 
Yati (who was Bhagavan) by insultingly saying "why do you want to know 
what's in the boat, are you trying to steal it?" Because they were 
attached to material wealth, they lost it. 

bhaskar :

Yes, after this incident, the 'vrata kaTha' says that nArAyaNa shows his 
'real' form and vanished!!  Here this vartaka getting the 'darshana' of 
satya nArAyaNa without any sAdhana and just because of a repentant 
statement (this is just to gain back his lost wealth) the nArAyaNa showed 
his real form !!

Sri vyAs prabhuji :

The third time was when Kalavati abandoned the puja on the news her 
husband had 
returned.  There also it is a worldly attachment which causes misfortune. 

bhaskar :

infact, kalAvati had completed the formalities of pooja but she forgot to 
take 'prasAda' sapAda bhakshya in a hurry to meet his husband & father 
:-)) Sri satya nArAyaNa takes this seriously & continued his fury on this 
vartaka's family:-)

Sri vyAs prabhuji :

Back to your original question, one's karma is mostly ones own but it is 
affected by ones attachment.  If their child were hurt, doesn't a parent 
feel the pain as keenly themselves?  Similarly if something good happened 
in their lives, doesn't a parent get just as happy themselves? 

bhaskar :

prabhuji, I feel it is not karma phala of that child which affect & make 
its parent to suffer from pain...It is prarent's sentimental attachment to 
their kid!!  I dont think karma of the kid influencing the parent here..

Sri vyAs prabhuji :

The pitrs are connected to their descendents like no one else. 

bhaskar :

Yes prabhuji, but a doubt arises in my mind whenever I offer my tarpaNam & 
piNda pradhAna to my pitru-s..have they not re-incarnated (punarjanma) yet 
(I am aware of the time difference between human & pitru-s..but still) ?? 
Even after saying in every saMkalpa every year like 'punarAvrutti rahita 
shAshvata brahma lOka prAptyarthaM' or vaikunta lOka praptyarthaM are they 
still in pitru lOka?? 

And if these pitru-s karma phala (pApa or puNya) keep on affecting their 
future generations,  does it not mean that one is suffering / enjoying the 
'karma phala' for which he himself is not responsible??  Is this not equal 
to say 'suffer or enjoy the 'karma phala' which is the result of karma 
done by somebody else !!??  How this is different from 'akruta abhyAgama' 
and kruta vipraNAsha which shankara refutes in sUtra bhAshya?? kindly 
clarify prabhuji.

Your humble servant
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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