[Advaita-l] pUrvajas' karma / pApa & our burden (satyanArAyaNa pUjA)

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Dear Bahaskar,

What I was really looking for is historical evidence.  Just like Dr. Kane gives a specific reference to Peshwa's in Maharashtra.

Also does any one have any thoughts why the name Satya AND NaaraayayaNa used here?

NaaraayaNa would have been sufficient?

Thanks for all responses

Best Regards,

Dr. Yadu

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I would appreciate if someone can provide any specific evidence of this 
ritual-practice in Southern India. 

praNAms Sri Yadu prabhuji 
Hare Krishna 

I am from smArta brahmin family (not Telugu, I am Kannadiga ) from 
Karnataka and we have been doing this vrata every year...Though normally 
we dont see any vAra, tithi, nakshatra to observe this vrata, most of the 
times we do this vrata on ekaadashi day at pradOsha kAla and next day 
dvAdashi we have mahA naivedya and as usual have a sumptuous brAhmaNa 
bhOjana :-))  it is believed in our saMpradAya that  it is auspicious to 
do vrata on paurNami day (full moon day).   And procedure of this vrata is 
also very elaborated one and in this vrata we do nava graha, indrAdi ashta 
dikpAlaka, drugAdi sAdguNya devata-s AvAhana in navagraha dhAnya & kaLasha 
 & offer them pooja..And after this, we do prANa pratishtApana,  offer 
shOdashOpachAra pooja to 'saparivAra sameta Sri lakshmi satyanArAyaNa' 
through purusha sUkta & purANOkta shlOka-s...and finally, prasannArghya & 
ashtAvadhAna seva...Here in Bangalore, it is very popular vrata among some 
of vaishya families also...Here local Arya vyshya sangha observe this 
vrata every year in a very big scale (108 couples do this pooja at a 
time!!) with non-stop (akhanda) vishnu sahasranAma parAyaNa...I, myself, 
perform satya nArAyaNa vrata 30-35 times in a year as a 'priest' :-)) 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!! 
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