[Advaita-l] pUrvajas' karma / pApa & our burden

Ramesh Nagarajan rameshnj18us at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 00:14:21 CDT 2010

Dear Bhaskar,

Yes.  Even after Self-Realization, a Brahma Jnani still goes through his
prarbdha and affects his body.  Please note that his body goes through
prarbdha not
him.  There is a clear distinction.  Brahma Jnaani doesn't identify with his

Yes, in all those examples quoted in your response, talks about the prarbdha
left. The question comes who is experiencing the prarabdha.  Prarabdha is
experienced by Jnaani's body.  Bhagavan said "In Jnaani's LOOK, there is no
prarbdha for him, but onlookers observe that he is experiencing prarabdha".
means that the onlookers think that Jnaani is suffering, but only his body
is suffering.  As Jnaani doesn't identify with his body and thus Jnaani is

This would be clear from Bhagavan's incident.

This is the conversation between Bhagavan and a disciple in the presence of
Dr.Karamchandani, the physician who attended Bhagavan when HIS body was
suffering from cancer.  The article in entirety can be found in this
Saranagathi newsletter.

"The tumour that Bhagavan was bearing must have given him the most
excruciating, nerve wracking pain. Such writhing pain would make the
toughest man wince and moan. But Bhagavan's face was serene, smiling and
radiant. All of a sudden a disciple accidentally touched only the fringe of
the thin
bandage that was covering Bhagavan's tumour.  Bhagavan gave an involuntary
start. The disciple felt bewildered and mumbled, “Bhagavan, did I hurt you?
It was only the fringe of the bandage that my hand touched.” Bhagavan smiled
his benign smile and softly said, “You do not know the enormous weight as of
a mountain that this fringe bears!” That chance  exclamation of Bhagavan
indicated the severity of his pain. But his godly face did not bear the
slightest sign of his agony. It reflected only joy and peace. He seemed to
have switched off his mind from the body to the divine."

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