[Advaita-l] pUrvajas' karma / pApa & our burden

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praNAms Sri Ramesh prabhuji
Hare Krishna

This discussion again going back towards the age old issue, i.e. jnAni's 
embodiedness (sashareeratvaM)which I donot want to discuss anything more. 
Since this thread started to discuss janmAntara karma phala of pUrvaja-s, 
I am closing this thread with this last post from my side.  If you search 
the archieves, you can find that we have discussed these issues at length 
but in vain :-))

Yes.  Even after Self-Realization, a Brahma Jnani still goes through his
prarbdha and affects his body. 

>  his body, his prArabdha is what ramaNa saying 'the view of 
onlookers'...jnAni would not have a dehAtma buddhi..The socalled jnAni's 
body on absolute jnAni is an adhyArOpita upAdhi by ajnAni-s like us..His 
knowledge reveals him the fact that he was/is/will never ever be embodied 
& his svarUpa is upAdhirahita parishuddha svarUpa. 

Please note that his body goes through prarbdha not him. 

>  Actually, in everybody's case it is like that only!! prArabdhAdi karma 
phala does not anyway going to affect the sarvabhUtastha antarAtma...

There is a clear distinction.  Brahma Jnaani doesn't identify with his 

>  yes, then tell me statements like 'his' prArabdha, 'his' body, etc. are 
in ajnAnis' view or jnAni's view?? and if you say that the 'body' of the 
jnAni is undergoing prArabdha & jnAni does not identiy himself with it 
means he is not at all related to his 'socalled' body coz. for him there 
is no distinction between his body & others body, his knowledge & vision 
is sarvaM brahmamayaM..If you attribute BMI to the jnAni it is as good as 
saying jnAni has the 'embodiment' (sashareeratvaM).  No need to mention 
this goes against the verdict of shAstra which says the very nature of 
jnyana/jnAni is unembodiedness (ashareeratvaM). And if you say the jnAni 
continues to suffer in the body but he realizes that it is ONLY his body 
suffering and NOT HIM and hence does not get confused 'his' body  for the 
self" then it is as good as saying parallely he is seeing avidyAtmaka 
prakrutidatta bhautika shareera of his & as well as his adviteeya svarUpa, 
in other words, a blend of avidyAvidya!!  That cannot be the case any way 
as the jnyani always abides in absolute non-dual reality and established 
in secondless ONLY reality.  ashareeraM vAva santaM na priyApriye 
sprushataH says chAndOgya shruti..Because for him there is no duality & 
there is absolute nothing apart from Atma..sarvaM hi asmAkaM AtmabhUtameva 
sarvasya cha vayaM AtmabhUtAH..

>  Anyway, all these aspects of the jnAni have been discussed 'n' no. of 
times both in this list & advaitin list as well, so if I say anything more 
it would be repetition only...So, prabhuji, I am winding up my case...If 
you have any interest to know more about 'jnAni tattva', you can read Sri 
chittaranjan prabhuji's three part series on jnAni tattva in advaitin 
list.  I think these detailed write-ups comprehensively covers all these 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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