[Advaita-l] some questions on self=realisation

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Sun Sep 19 20:06:50 CDT 2010

This is  with reference to Vijayaji's comments on the above topic.She says
many a time one has to deal with the director or the juniors who are rude
in the office.True.In the vedic times one can approach the seers with the
question to know about the truth.But,in these days of science and
where every thing changes day by day,then how to meet the day to day
challenges and yet to live efficiently in this world and not to get lost
by taking sanyas in the wilderness.This is the question eveyone who is
sufficiently educated faces in the world today. The answer lies in the
one's mature outlook.There is more urgent need for the vedanta today than
earlier times.we cannot expect everyone to be kind in the world today.No
amount of sermonising can change the situation.We are more evolved in the 
   modern world in science and Technology than the days of Jesus,Buddha
but we are far from the truth.We are also in the midst of spurious Gurus
who are ready to take us for a ride.In such a situation,Shankara
Bhagawatpada's words are reassuring to think on a mature plane.This not
meekly surrendering to the ways of the rolling world,but to stand and
bravely face it.For such a person,Upanishads reassures with the
words,"Atmavan,Kriyavan".There is no traffic jam after knowing,there is
further movement with confidence armed with the "samyagjnana".The self
realized man has more responsibility than before,he works for Loka
sangraha.This the world does not know.As Acharya Gaudapada says in the
Karika,"tat ca loka na gahate"
Bhava Shankara desika me Sharanam.                        N.Srikanta.

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