[Advaita-l] The Jnani's feeling of physical pain

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praNAms Sri praveeN prabhuji
Hare Krishna

On saying that the j~nAni's body has prArabdha and not the j~nAni
himself , it has been argued that its so even for an aj~nAni, the AtmA
being unaffected always. 

>  You might have observed prabhuji, jnAni's prArabdha is not only 
restricted ONLY to the continuation of his body after the dawn of jnAna, 
but it has its own influence on jnAni's mind as well, due to his/her 
prArabdha sometimes, as against his Atma jnAna, he may get angry, he may 
be sad sometime, but after getting these rAgAdi feelings in his mind, 
immediately he takes the help of his achieved jnAna & tries to subdue 
it...And this suppression time again depends on his prArabdha janita 
dehendriya-s...So, according to some perception, even jnAni gets the whip 
of his prArabdha karma & uses jnAna as against it & subdue it over a 
period of time.  But what happens between the interval (i.e.after getting 
the feeling and before subduing the same) is not in his hand, coz. during 
that time he will be completely under the influence of this rAgAdi 
vAsana-s which is the result of his prArabdha!!

Other way round, whether j~nAni has a BMI, it is argued that its 
superimposed on the AtmA by the a~jnAni. But the
point somehow seems missing here is that the same case is true before
the rise of j~nAna; or in other words, for an a~jnAni! 

>  Yes, irrespective of the individuals, dehendriya manO buddhi ahaMkAra 
is superimposed on nirvikAri, nirvishesha, niravayava Atman..Ofcourse, as 
you know, this is the subject matter of adhyAsa bhAshya.

That the body has prArabdha and not AtmA/ j~nAni, as well as, the body is
superimposed on the AtmA/ j~nAni are equally true in case of j~nAni or

>  Yes, that is the reason why attributing BMI to Atma even after jnAna is 
something alien to advaita siddhAnta.

If the j~nAni has no association *whatsoever* with his BMI and is
equally associated with all bodies, what is it that makes the
jivanmuktA's body special? 

>  IMHO, nothing special...if jnAni's body is something special then we 
would have preserved it by all possible means!! is it not:-))And when 
jnAni realizes that he is non-dual Atman, he has the knowledge that he is 
sarvendriya vivarjita.. 

Why worship him and not others? 

>  it is shraddha of ajnAni's, who, with their limited conditioned mind 
which cannot go/think beyond jnAni's body coz. this ajnAni thinks that he 
is embodied one!!...And you would agree with me that when we are 
worshipping the jnAni-s in their physical form, it is implicitly 
understood that we are not offering our pooja ONLY to their physical body 
to make the jnAni-s body a special attraction over the advaya tattva :-))

If that is also a superimposition by the a~jnAni, why is his 
superimposition of the j~nAni's body on AtmA any more worthy of that other 
superimposition of a~jnAni's bodies on AtmA?

>  again it is all the trasactions of ajnAni who has special attachment to 
jnAni's body..That is the reason why you know, some would worship 
ramakrishna paramahamsa's body/photograph, some others, ramaNa's body, 
someone else would worship some other body/photograph of the person who he 
think is the jnAni...

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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