[Advaita-l] The Jnani's feeling of physical pain

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Fri Sep 24 04:13:52 CDT 2010

Dear Bhaskarji,

praNAms Sri Sunil prabhuji
Hare Krishna

It seems to me that you are arguing for argumant sake. 

>  it is quite unfortunate that you are thinking so...I can show you 
Acharya-s bhAshya vAkya in support of what I stated ( someone may fumingly 
intrude and say 'no it is out of context, and these are mere words without 
knowing the meaning etc. but for me it is very much within the context & 
these words do mean a lot to me :-)) Anyway, if you still think it is 
merely a time pass argument, then it is better to stop the discussion at 
once. I am not compelling you to continue this discussion with me & waste 
your time prabhuji.

Don't you think that a Brahmajnani will speak in a way befitting the 
Brahmajnani and would not speak like an Ajnani, even in the Vyavaharika 

>  yes, this is what I too said, even in the socalled vyavahAra of the 
jnAni, he is well established in that non-dual reality and he cannot 
engage himself in lose talks like ajnAni..and it is the perception of 
ajnAni that the absolute jnAni who is devoid of any triputi engaging 
himself in avidyAkruta nAma rupAdi vyavahAra...do you know what shankara 
says:  even if there is tip of the hair (vAlAgramapi) duality, it is not 
samyak jnAna it is avidyA only..

I gave the example of the Lord telling that he remembered all his past 
births and you have not noticed that. Here He is speaking from his 
Vyavaharika identity as Krishna. 

>  I do noticed it & did not think that it is necessary to comment coz. we 
have already talked about it (jnAni's identity with his body with name & 
form)  a lot in all the previous related mails..

You seem to be thinking that after the Videhamukti also the Jnani should 
be able to identify himself in his Vyavaharika level, which he left.

>  no!! instead you are implying that videha mukti is mukhya mukti and 
jnAni's understanding of the svarUpa jnAna is gauNa when he is embodied 
...Here is your words :

// quote //
The Jnani lives life both at the Paramarthika level and the Vyavaharika 
level and his or her  Vyavaharika identity vanishes only when the jnanai 
is out of the panchkoshas. 
It is like a river losing its identity only when it meets the sea but not 
before that. 

>  by saying : vanishing of vyAvahArika identity possible ONLY after out 
of panchakosha (IOW physical death of the jnAni) you are implying that 
whatever he achieved / realized in deha is gauNa..shankara at the very 
beginning says in sUtra bhAshya thinking that having shareera (sashareeri) 
is itself a big adhyAsa..

>  Anyway, prabhuji, as said above, I request you to dont waste your time 
with a person who argues just for arguments sake...So, it is better to 
stop this discussion with a standard slogan : agree to disagree :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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