[Advaita-l] The Jnani's feeling of physical pain

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 24 14:20:55 CDT 2010

> Humble sAshtAnga praNAms Sri vidya prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> Thank you very much for all your kind clarifications & your interest in my 
> observations prabhuji...I must confess here that I dont have enough 
> strength & jnAna to answer your qustions prabhuji. I am already in the 
> bad books of your goodself & I donot want to let it go worsen still !! 
> You may call this excuse as hypocrisy, escapism, lack of knowledge, 
> prejudiced mind set anything you want...But it is a fact that I value more 
> my relationship with you than to engage myself in a discussion with your 
> goodself prabhuji. Hope you would forgive your discarded shishya. 

Bhaskar, if you meant that seriously, you would not have written
as follows, in response to another member,

"( someone may fumingly intrude and say 'no it is out of context,
and these are mere words without knowing the meaning etc. but for
me it is very much within the context & these words do mean a lot
to me :-))"

I don't see anybody else than me to whom this response of yours
applies. Pardon me if I say it sounds very hypocritical - you
dismiss my comment this frivolously and describe it as "fuming"
in one post, and on the same day, you claim that you value a
relationship with me as a sishya, even though I have always
disclaimed guru-hood. I would be quite vexed if I were not
totally amused by this!
Although I don't keep good books and bad books wherein to classify
people, if you care about your supposed Sishya relationship, the
only way to not worsen your "being in my bad books" is to be honest,
straightforward and intellectually rigorous. When you use terms
like atyanta abhAva and I ask you to clarify what you mean by that
with respect to pramANa vyavahAra and how that is different from
the nirvikalpaka samAdhi that you so often deride. Please get on
with the business of clarifying your statements and do not sidestep
a discussion with an appeal to emotion. If you had enough strength
and jnAna to talk of the atyanta abhAva of pramANa-prameya-pramAtR
vyavahAra in your initial post, you surely have sufficient strength
and jnAna to explain your usage of such deep words, especially when
you are requested to do so by someone whom you claim to respect as
a guru. If the words mean a lot to you, then you can easily explain
what exactly they mean to you and how they mean a lot to you. A
clear attempt to explain on your part would be far more valuable
than thousands of sAshTAnga pranAm-s and protestations of humility
towards this "prabhuji".

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