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Mon Dec 5 11:32:11 CST 2011

Dear List Members

I just wanted to bring to your attention this course by Dr. Ashok Aklujkar, Prof. Emeritus at UBC.It is a great course for studying sanskrit. Since my old 1992 edition is falling apart, I have ordered a new edition.

It is one of the best self study courses that I have seen.
1. Sanskrit: an Easy Introduction to an Enchanting Language or SEL, written by
Ashok Aklujkar (Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia), is available from
Svådhyåya Publications, 5346 Opal Place, Richmond, B.C., Canada V7C 5B4.
Purchase orders should be sent to Svådhyåya Publications or Dr. Vidyut Aklujkar at
the above address (telephone/fax: 604-274-5353, email: vidyut.aklujkar at gmail.com or
vidyut at shaw.ca)
The price of each set (text plus cassettes/CDs), inclusive of handling and postage, is
Canadian $80.00, if mailed within Canada and US $80.00 (or its Canadian equivalent), if
mailed outside Canada. For countries other than US, postage charges will apply as needed.
To have the set airmailed, please add US $30, that is, send US $110 (or its Canadian
equivalent) for each set. For countries other than US, postage charges will apply as needed.
Acceptable payment methods are specified below under item 8.
2. In considering the price, please take into account the quality, the long-term usefulness
(SEL meets the studentsæ needs definitely beyond the first year or the introductory stage of
learning), the nearly 700-page extent, the inclusion of five 90-minute cassettes OR two
CDs with 450 minutes of recording and the inclusion of local taxes, handling and surface
mail postage. Note also 5 below.
3. SEL sets are not sold without the cassettes/CDs. The audio aids are an integral part
of the SEL method. They significantly speed up the learning process. They are not meant
only to teach pronunciation and have been arranged in a novel, efficient way.
4. All SEL volumes are to be used together. They are not graded textbooks or readers
but together form a well-integrated whole of grammar, vocabulary and reading that takes
the students to a stage where he/she can begin to read on his/her own the Sanskrit of texts
like the Mahå-bhårata. Most textbooks have three or four parts to a lesson. SEL,
unconventionally but with considerable forethought, spreads such parts over different
thematic and physical volumes (thematic volumes 1A, 1B and 2 constitute the first physical
volume titled 'Tools: Grammatical and Lexicalæ; thematic volume 3 constitutes physical
volume 2 titled 'Tests and Transitionæ; the arrangement is clearly explained on the covers of
both the physical volumes).
5. Together the SEL volumes become a self-sufficient learning tool which can be used
even by those who do not have access to a teacher. No additional purchase of a dictionary,
reference grammar or reader is necessary while one completes the SEL course. The book
assumes no previous knowledge of Sanskrit or any other Indian language or the presence
of a teacher capable of teaching adult beginners.
6. Instructors ordering ten or more sets *directly (not through a bookstore or agent)*
will be entitled to a complimentary desk set. They should note that, as no text changes are
being contemplated, there would be no risk of being burdened with outdated sets if they
keep a few extra sets of SEL on hand.
Booksellers ordering less than ten sets will receive the sets at the same price as
individual buyers. They may fix their sale prices at levels they consider appropriate for cost
Booksellers ordering ten or more sets will receive a 15% discount.
Instructors and booksellers will be expected to pay on the presentation of invoices.
Individual buyers must send full price payment in advance. They should inquire
beforehand what the additional costs will be for courier dispatch etc.
While booksellers may use their usual forms for ordering, instructors ordering for their
students and individual buyers should follow the following format: (a) name of the buyer
(surname first), (b) full mailing address (preferably with telephone numbers and/or email
addresses), (c) publication title, (d) number of sets required, (e) audio aid (cassettes or
CDs) preference, (f) amount enclosed.
7. Single sets will not be taken back for reimbursement, except in the unlikely event of
some serious production defect.
8. Payment methods:
(a) A personal or business cheque/check, bearing the senderæs address and telephone
number, drawn on a Canadian or U.S. bank, cashable in Canadian or U.S. dollars
and accompanied by the address to which the purchased set or sets are to be sent (in a few
cases, the sender may not be identical with the set recipient).
(b) An international money order (available in the post offices of most countries) in
Canadian currency equivalent to the U.S. prices specified above.
(c) A bank draft in Canadian currency or the currency of the senderæs country (former
preferable) equivalent to the U.S. prices specified under 1.
(d) Interac or similar account-to-account money transfer methods which are applicable
only to payers holding accounts in Canadian banks.
(e) PayPal or Western Union are also available now. The PayPal payment should be
sent ONLY in CAD$ [PayPal charges us twice if the payment comes in US$.] to
<vidyut.aklujkar at gmail.com> .


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