[Advaita-l] Incorrect comparisons?

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Mon Dec 19 04:38:01 CST 2011

In the story of Prahlada, Lakshmi herself says that she never leaves the place where Dharma stands
Fine. If there is adharma? 
There is a story of Jambhasura in Dattatreya Mahatmyam.  This demon usurped
the kingdom of heaven and kicked out Indra. Indra ran away from heaven and 
fell at the feet of Dattatreya.  This great Jagatguru sends His yoga maya 
which lures the demon.  The demon enticed by the charms of yoga maya,
runs after Her. She seduces him and finally positions Herself on the head of
the demon.  The moment, She is placed on his head, the demon meets his end. 
Goddess Lakshmi stays only with such persons who walks the path of dharma.
For adharmic people, She positions Herself on their heads which brings their destruction.
Similarly, in Telugu, the person who is puffed up with ego is compared
with an arrogant person with Lakshmi on his head.  So, it is understood 
that the person on whose head Lakshmi positions, has "perverted intellect"
whose prosperity is short-lived (vinAsha kAlE vipareeta buddhiH).

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