[Advaita-l] Incorrect comparisons?

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Mon Dec 19 06:20:10 CST 2011

In satasloki, Sankara compares the guru with the sandalwood tree saying
that like the sandal wood tree which makes the nearby trees also fragrant
with its own good fragrance, the guru also makes those around him free from
We need to consider only the poetic heart which is called "kavi hridaya".  
I think even Sant Kabir Das also mentions this example in his dOhA. 
If we are to examine these from scientific spectacle, we would miss the message.
We all know the phenomena how eclipse is formed.  We are still not in LKG or
Nursery to believe that the great giants Rahu & Ketu would swallow Sun or Moon
during the corresponding eclipses.  But still, we put immense faith in the famous sloka 
"rAhu grasta divAkarEndu......" of Dakshinamurty Hymn which forms the crux of the
Advaita Siddhanta where the avidya in suShupti avastha is described which is of bhAvarUpa.

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