[Advaita-l] Shankara Vedanta Vidvadgoshthi at Holenarsipur, Karnataka

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there is an interesting meet of pandits and swamis being organized at 
holenarsipur, karnataka, to deliberate on shAnkara vedanta with emphasiis on 
specific issues raised in the bhashya. 

the attendees include sannyasis from uttarkashi and rishikesh among others. 

there is a very active 'north indian' vedanta tradition of unfolding bhashya in 
hindi with dakshnamurthy math, varanasi, kailash ashram, rishikesh and 
uttarkashi, swami kashikanandaji of mumbai, etc., with the northern sampradaya 
being supported almost entirely by sannyasis rather than grhasthas. On the 
hand the 'south indian' sampradaya is actively nurtured more by pandits and a 
sprinkling of sannyasis. 

This vidvad-goshthi is conference of members from both these respected groups 
and offers an interesting perspective on shAnkara vedanta teaching as it exists 

the well-known topic of whether avidya is bhAva-rupA or abhAva-rupA etc will 
also be discussed among several others. 

there are interesting references to bhashya etc in the list of topics which i 
thought may interest people.  please see the link below  to see a scanned copy 
of the details of the vidvat-goshthi and the topics to be discussed.


Raghav Kumar

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Hare Krishna
DATE : 5th March TO 7th March 2011 ( 3 days)
VENUE : Adhyatma Prakasha Karyalaya, Holenarsipur, Hassan, Karnataka
TOPIC : Various topics in Shankara's prasthAna traya bhAshya
LANGUAGE : SANSKRIT ( All talks and deliberations in Sanskrit language)
INVITEES : Selected Advaita Vedanta Vidvans have  been invited from the 
states of Maharastra, Andhra, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Invitation 
has also been sent to Sri Mani Dravida Shastrigal and Sri R. Krishna 
Murthy Shastrigal. 
From Karnataka, we have Swamy Advayanandendra Saraswati, Swamy 
Prakashanandendra Saraswati and Vidvans K.G.Subbaraya Sharma, Mattur 
Aswathanarayana Avadhani and Keshava Avadhani.
Sri Subhanu Saxena would be giving the introduction of each speaker in 
English & Sanskrit languages.
All are invited  to attend this GoshThi, listen and watch the proceedings 
and partake lunch etc. However they will have to take care of their 
accommodation themselves. 
For further details please contact :
ksramanatha at yahoo.com
coordinator_apk at yahoo.com
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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