[Advaita-l] Shankara Vedanta Vidvadgoshthi at Holenarsipur, Karnataka

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Thu Feb 10 22:30:22 CST 2011

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> there is a very active 'north indian' vedanta tradition of unfolding
> bhashya in
> hindi with dakshnamurthy math, varanasi, kailash ashram, rishikesh and
> uttarkashi, swami kashikanandaji of mumbai, etc., with the northern
> sampradaya
> being supported almost entirely by sannyasis rather than grhasthas. On the
> other
> hand the 'south indian' sampradaya is actively nurtured more by pandits and
> a
> sprinkling of sannyasis.

Your observation is indeed correct. Unfortunately, many 'South Indian'
participants in the Vedanta tradition, who consider themselves to be
representatives of the 'orthodoxy', are barely aware of the richness of the
tradition in the Himalayan belt.

Apart from Varanasi and the Himalayan belt (mainly Rishikesh and
Uttarkashi), there is also a fairly active tradition in the Narmada Valley,
centred around the town of Omkareshwar in MP.

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