[Advaita-l] vishva-reg.

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Tue Feb 22 04:20:30 CST 2011

Namaste Srikantha,
As regards the correction (sva / shva), it is "shva".  Thanks for pointing that. It was my typo.
BTW, your interpretation of vishwa is questionable because Yaskacharya, Shakapuni & Durgacharya are of different opinions.  It is derived from the root "vis" ie., to permeate / to enter.  So, having created the the nAma (name) & rUpa (form), He entered into it.  That is what Purusha Sukta says.   Now, another interpretation is that "shva" in Rg Veda implies kAla, prANa etc.  For eg., the word "mAtari+shva" becomes "mAtrishva" ie., prANa as vAyu in the womb; a+shva=ashva; a+shva+ttha=ashvattha tree etc.  
I don't have time to to explain all these vyutpattis now.  If i take the case of vishva, vi indicates to get separated / to permeate and shva indicates the prANa.  So, the prANa tattva that got expanded and permeated in nAma & rUpa is the "vishva" tattva.  
As regards the "vaishvadeva", there is nothing related to the etymology of dogs / insects here.  It is purely related to category of gods called "vishve devah".   
As regards the "ardhamAtra" of pranava, hope you are not familiar with the mantra :
"a-kArOdakShiNaH pakShaH; u-kArastaduttaraH smritaH; ma-kAraM pucchamityAhuH; ardhamAtra tu mastakaM ".  
Agama / Tantra recognises 9 subtle states of nAda avasthAs after m-kAra.  And further deep is the shunya shatka ie., 6 types of mahAshUnyAs.  Moreover, apart from turiya avastha, there is one more recognized by Agama which is turIyAtIta which is panchama avastha otherwise called avadhuta sthiti.  And Dattatreya being the guru of sAktAs as well as an avadhuta, transcends all the 4 states of A-U-M-ArdhamAtra.  
I think we are discussing the issues that are out of the scope here.  I refrain myself from further postings on this thread.

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