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Dear Sriram Krishnamurthy,
There are certain controversies regarding the count of puranas whether it is 18 or not.  And the most controversial of all the puranas is the Padma Purana and its mischievous statement against Sankara Bhagavatpada.  But whatever may be controversies around it, Siva Gita happens to be a part of it.  No idea whether it has been incorporated later or not but couple of slokas from Siva Gita reverberates with Adhyasa tattva.  
As usual, all the Gitas start with dialogue between Guru & Disciple.  Here in Siva Gita, Lord Rama assumes the role of disciple and Lord Siva assumes the role of Guru.  Here are they that have been taken from 7th chapter of Siva Gita which is “Vishvarupa Sandarshana Yoga”.  Here, Siva shows Vishwarupa to Lord Rama just as Krishna showed to Arjuna.  And like Arjuna, Rama is wonderstruck and stands in awe at the sight of cosmic form of Siva.   Given below are those 2 slokas that echoes with adhyAsa and adhyAropa apavAda.

tvanmAyayA kalpitam indumouLE
tvayyEva driShyatva mupaiti vishwaM
bhrAntyA janaH paShyati sarva mEta
Cchuktou yathA rUpya mahiM cha rajjou // ……25

O Siva ! This entire universe is projected in you as Creation. In you, finds Sustenance and finally in you gets dissolved. The projection of this Universe (Jagat) which is called Creation is the product of your inherent Maya Sakti. People out of ignorance perceive this Universe which is similar to the illusion of perceiving the Silver (cchuktou) in Oyster Pearl as well as the Snake in the Rope 
Rajjau bhujango bhayadoyathaiva
Na jAyatE nAsti na chaiti nAshaM
tvanmAyayA kEvalamAtmarUpaM
tathaiva vishwaM tvai nIlakaNTha //…..28
O Nilakantha ! just as rope is wrongly perceived to be snake in darkness under illusion, the ignorant under the influence of thy mAyA get deluded and frightened at the sight of universe which is unreal.  Upon the contemplation, thy true form which is none other than the Atman is revealed and the entire universe is the projection of thy mAyA and thou art the substratum of universe.  
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