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Shankara has condemned Kutarka Vadis in his commentataries. If you want to
join the list it your pleasure.

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> >There is a Vayu Mahapurana as well.  But I think the main reason for the
> >confusion is that the Shiva >Mahapurana contains a Vayu or Vayaviya
> Samhita.
> All of shiva purANa is enjoyable but the vAyavIya saMhita is especially
> good. It
> may look blasphemous to some traditionlists but I along with many would
> seriously doubt if vyAsa ever authored this purANa. But one can always hide
> behind tradition no matter how illogical and irrational it be.
> Examining its contents will surely show that the shiva mahApurANa seems to
> be a
> great work probably authored** by accomplished
> shivAchArya-s(saiddhAntika-s), vaidika/smArta brAhmaNa-s who were great
> shivopAsaka-s and also by ancient pAshupata teachers.
> **The inspiration of-course for such great men certainly comes from the
> devata
> and hence can be seen as equivalent to, devata dictating it.
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