[Advaita-l] Entities in liberated state

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namaste sri sadananda.

you have hit the nail on its head or rather, driven the nail straight into my head!
beautiful explanation of 'chidaabhaasa'! i wanted to shout 'eurekha'!
now the meaning of the beginning sentence of sri adi shankara's "vishwam darpana drishyamaana nagarii tulyam, nijaantargatam" is made crystal clear!
i am enjoying the ananda of this discovery. hope the ananda turns into sadaananda!

love and joy and peace!

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Shree Rajaram - PraNAms
Without getting into endless mails here is my understanding for whatever it is worth.  ahankaaara involves  two aspects - I am and this is - as I am =this, where there is satya anRita mithuniikkaraNam as adhyaasa. In essence I am which is pure consciousness and this is starting with mind are getting mixed up as I am this, which is also called reflected consciousness or chidaabhaasa. Realization involves ahankaara only by its dropping the notion as I am not this (neti, neti) but I am without any qualifications of this by recognizing I am is nithya, and this is anitya and hence mithyaa. In essence via the mind, the chidaabhaasa has to recognize that I am pure consciousness that is getting reflected in the mind or by the mind.  It is realization by chidaabhaasa that in essence I am, pure-existent consciousness and not this reflecting medium, the mind – using the very reflection. Without the mind there is no reflection and no realization also. Pure
consciousness does not have to realize and inert mind by itself cannot recognize. It is the reflected consciousness in the mind that makes a mistake that I am this, and it has to recognize that I am pure consciousness that is getting reflected by this mind. 
It is similar to looking at the mirror and seeing the image and from the image recognizing the original face. Without the image I cannot see my face - yet image is not my face. It has properties of my face as well as the properties of the mirror reflecting the face. Mind acts like the mirror and ahankaara is the image - pure consciousness is the original face. Original face cannot be seen without the mirror and the reflected image in the mirror. The concept is somewhat subtle and Shreeman Lalitaalaalita is in way correct. Hence it is said that the mind is required for self-realization – mana eva manushyaanam … 

Hari Om!

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Ahankara depends on eye to see. A blind man does not say I saw. Also,
it is a product of ignorance. How can it have the false conception "I
am Brahman"?
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