[Advaita-l] Vishnu pathathi keshanta stotra

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This is Sloka 6 in the 15th chapter of mAdhavIya.

nijapAdasaroja-sevanAyai vinayena svayam AgatAn atha AndhrAn |
anugRhya sa venkaTAcaleSam praNipatya Apa vidarbha-rAjadhAnIm ||
The word anugRhya really applies to the Andhra people mentioned in 
the first half of the verse, who came (Agata) in all humility (vinayena)
to prostrate to the AcArya. After blessing them, Sankara is described
as proceeding to venkaTAcala (venkaTAcaleSam praNipatya) and then
to the capital (rAjadhAnI) of vidarbha.
The text itself says nothing about any composition of a stotra or a
bhAshya in this context. There are two commentaries to this text, the
DiNDimA by dhanapati sUrin and advaitarAjyalakshmI by acyutarAya. I
doubt if they add anything substantial to the text herre, but they may 
be worth a read. 

> > There is no story of Adi Sankara visiting Tirupati in the Sankara Dig Vijaya.
> I borrowed a copy of the Sankara-vijayam of Sri Madhavacharya. The book has
> a commentary in Telugu by Sri Devalapalli Sivaramayya. In the panchadasa
> sarga, it mentions that Sankara visited Venkatachalam. Here is the part of
> the sanskrit sloka that mentions this - "anugruhya sa venkatachalesam".
> I do not know sanskrit to understand what this exactly means (though it is
> easy to see the reference to tirupati), but the commentator Sri Sivaramayya
> (roughly) says that Sri Sankara performed ekantaseva for Vishnu in
> Venkatachalam (tirupati) and he wrote the Vishnu sahasranama bhashyam at
> that place. However, there is no mention of the Vishnu pathathi keshanta
> stotra here.
> Regards
> Kalyan

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