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I have already made several posts today.  This is the last one.

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> My view is based on Shankara's definition of Brahman being a repository of
> all qualities in BSB 2.1.14. Quoting Shankara "* **'He who is called ether
> is the revealer of all forms and names; that within which these forms and
> names are contained is Brahman' (Kh. Up. VIII, 14, 1); 'Let me evolve names
> and forms' (Kh. Up. VI, 3, 2); 'He, the wise one, who having divided all
> forms and given all names, sits speaking (with those names)' (Taitt. Âr.
> III, 12, 7); 'He who makes the one seed manifold' (Sve. Up. VI, l2).--Thus
> the Lord depends (as Lord) upon the limiting adjuncts of name and form, the
> products of Nescience;**" *  Please let me know why this is incorrect.

If you read a little further down in that same bhashya you will see that all
the above pertains to saguNa brahman otherwise called mAyA-shabalita brahman
or Ishwara.  Shankara very clearly says soon after the portion that you have
quoted above:

तदेवमविद्यात्मकोपाधिपरिच्छेदापेक्षमेव ईश्वरस्य ईश्वरत्वम्, सर्वज्ञत्वं
सर्वशक्तित्वं च, न परमार्थतो विद्यया अपास्तसर्वोपाधिस्वरूप आत्मनि
ईशित्रीशितव्यसर्वज्ञत्वादिव्यवहार उपपद्यते ।

The gist of the above is: ONLY owing to the avidyaa-born upAdhi-constriction
Ishwara's Ishvaratvam, omniscience and omnipotence can be spoken of.
However, from the Absolute standpoint that is characterized by
Self-knowledge destroying all upAdhi-s, there is no duality consisting of
Ruler-ruled, omniscience, omnipotence, etc. (in Brahman).  After saying this
Shankara quotes an entirely different set of passages that clearly
distinguish Brahman (not-Ishwara) from the earlier set of quotes (shown by
you above) that are applicable ONLY to Ishwara (Brahman in association with

So, naturally, it is only with this upAdhi-sahita Brahman otherwise called
Ishwara can anyone have relationships like spouse, lover, child, mother,
father, friend, master, servant, etc.  Thus all bhavas/rasas are possible
only with Ishwara and not nirguNa Brahman.  As to the Jnani's felicity with
relating with Ishwara we have seen enough instances: pUjArtham kalpitam
dvaitam ....



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