[Advaita-l] Examples of bhakti rasa realization by Advaitins

Raghav Kumar raghavkumar00 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 06:20:06 CDT 2011

Rajaram ji ,you wrote: All names and forms inhere in Brahman as brahman itself

My remarks: That Brahman is kAraNa brahman in which all names and
forms inhere, in a condition, in which they are non-different from
Brahman itself. The many leaves and branches of a tree can be said to
inhere in a latent form in the seed. That seed is the causal or
unmanifest condition of the tree which it (seed) manifests.

But nirguNa-brahman is arrived at after sublating (bAdhanam) of even
kAraNatvam (causality). In other words Saguna Brahman alone is
referred to in your statement; not nirguNa brahman.

As for nirguNa-brahman, it is not something which the mind can form
any concept or view about; it is only "arrived at" in terms of
understanding through the lakShaNa vRtti (the implied meaning of the

No matter how we frame a sentence to positively express an idea or
concept "about" Brahman, it will about saguna-brahman alone, not
nirguNa brahman.

The powerful idea of lakShaNa-vRtti (the implied meaning of a
sentence) deflects the charge that in that case we can never arrive at
an understanding of nirguNa-brahman.


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