[Advaita-l] Examples of bhakti rasa realization by Advaitins

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Shankara says in VivekchUDAmani - 
moksha saadhana saamagryaam bhaktireva gariiyasi|
swaswarUpAnusandhAnAm bhaktirityabhidHEyatE||
swaataamubhavasandhANAm bhaktirityapare jaguH||
Of all saadhanaas for moksha - Bhakti is the supreme.
That bhakti essentially manifests in terms of contemplation on ones own self, or becoming one with ones own nature is bhakti. 
A jnaani, once understood the nature of oneself or nature of the absolute truth, can still see the multitude of plurality and recognize it as Iswara Vibhuuti, and in that vision Bhakti flows automatically with reverential attitude as Shankara does in so many bhakti slokas. He may express as the vibhuuti of the Lord; however he also understands that it is His own Vibhuuti - where the above sloka becomes the essence of bhakti. 
yo mam pasyati sarvatra, sarvancha mayi pasyati - is the attitude of Iswara Vibhuuti darshaNam
sarva bhuutastam aatmaanam sarvabhuutanica aatmani - is the attitude of aatma vibhuuti. 
These two slokas follow one another in the 6th Ch. of Geeta.- seeiing the Lord everywhere and everything in the Lord is Bhakti. Seeing oneself everywhere and everthing in oneself - is jnaana.
Both visions are possible; but for the sake others, recognizing masses tend  to follow blindly, he glories vibhuuti as Iswara Vibhuuti only. 
As a separate note, I find Geetanjali of Shree Ravindranath Tagore are uplifting the mind to the highest pinnacle of bhakti. 
In essence Bhakti of a jnaani is not different from his jnaana. All bhakti sloaks of jnaanis have to be understood in that way only, where emotional mind with bhaavam and intellectual mind with discrimination form two wings of the bird to fly to the highest spiritual heights
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 So, bhakti rasa that we see in this world is a particularized
expression of Brahman and is present in a generalized state of
non-expression in Brahman. 

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