[Advaita-l] Interesting info on Krishnaashtami day.

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Dear Sri Jaldhar, 

Sri Sadananda may be a reformer type and I don't think he is right in shying away from explaining the sastric basis of his position. A kshatriya should not shy away from a dharma yuddha, a young man should not unreasonably  refuse to take the hand of a qualified girl and a pandita should not shy away from a debate. But no one is asking him the basis of his position either. You or Sri Ravi is just asserting that yours is the traditional position.  

Leave Sri Sadananda alone. Sri Raja Sastrigal is a traditionally trained vaidhika brahmana. Please read my introduction to him who went to gurukul from childhood. Sringeri Mutt has sent a teacher to stay with him at his patashala and teach the students. He does samashti poonal every year for poor brahmanas as requested by kanchi periyava. He has done exactly what some other pundit did to Sri Shivashankar. 

Leave Sri Raja Sastrigal also alone. And leave alone the history of jatis changing varna. I have asked how gautama arrived at the gotra, sutra and sakha of satyakama. Without answering this, we cannot say that a brahmana cannot give upanayanam to dwijas from jatis considered non-dwija today. 

We cannot refuse to see facts and call others delusional. 

Best Regards
Rajaram Venkataramani
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On Fri, 10 Aug 2012, श्रीमल्ललितालालितः wrote:

> I've seen many people, including sadAnanda, posting such things in many
> forums. While at advaitin yahoo group his 'amendments to dharma and
> shAstra' go without any protest because of posters having repulsion to and
> ignorant of shAstra-s are dominant there; it is not same here. I'm happy to
> see that at least traditionals are not barred to speak here. In this way
> this forum is supporting traditional view.

As for myself I am trying to pursue truth.  It was by no means 
foreordained that I would support traditional views -- in fact rather 
unlikely given my life history -- but I do so because for the most part it 
is the truth pure and simple.  Where the truth is in a modern direction I 
will pursue it there too.  But most of these reformer types are not 
satyavadis.  Like the proverbial ostrich who buries his head in the sand, 
when their pet theories are challenged they either retreat into fantasy or 
try and shut down the discussion.

Isn't it funny?  Vedanta is supposed to be the destroyer of delusion but 
these people favor it precisely in order to support their delusions.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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