[Advaita-l] Imagined nature of root ignorance in vivaranam

subhanu saxena subhanu at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 18 14:20:49 CDT 2012

Sri Subramanian wrote:

"I think it has been clarified enough times that the term 'bhAva rUpa
avidyA' does not imply that it enjoys a status equal to the Brahman of

Namaste , yes I am well aware of this, and I actually debated whether to add my throw away line re experiencing Bhava-Rupa-avidya in deep sleep as I was worried it may detract from the main point I was making. Your response confirms that you probably missed the main point I was making for which apologies. On one hand I come across many from the traditon who state unequivocally that avidya "exists" in the deep sleep state. On the other hand you have clarified many times that mulavidya of the nature of Bhava-Rupa is an imagined superimposed notion that does not fall outside the realm of superimposition. Given that, it would be good if you can be explicit in what sense an imagined superimposed notion can be said to exist in a superimposed state as deep sleep. As mentioned before any clarifications from advaita-siddhi and even vivaranam would be helpful.

With regards the quote from panchadashi re tamas the point is not about the bhava rupa status or not of avidya. Suresvara's clear definition of tamas as an imagined false notion of the nature " I do not know" cannot be challenged. If Vidyaranya has unequivocally accepted Bhava-Rupa avidya as an imagined notion within the realm of superimposition then he is consistent with Suresvara, otherwise he is not. 


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