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Dear Sriram Garu,
Thank you for the kind words.
What you say in your concluding note (Quote: So, it is not that traditional advaita treads a tortuous
path but it takes into consideration the *adhikAra*  of the mumukSu.) is very true.
I do not know how or by whom an approach was christened *Direct Path*.  But IMHO, it may not perhaps have been their intention to call any other approach to be *tortuous.*  
warm regards,

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Dear Ramesam ji,

Thank you for the beautiful article on how to be awake to the “thought of deep sleep”.

This seems to match to the technique of enquiry mentioned by traditional advaita itself
as mentioned in muNDaka upa. vAkya:


So, it is not that traditional advaita treads a tortuous
path but it takes into consideration the *adhikAra*  of the mumukSu.

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